Copper Pillow Benefits

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Heard about copper pillows but wondering what all the hype is about?

In this article we’ll discuss copper pillow benefits, why copper pillows are becoming so popular, and how they work.

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Copper Pillow Benefits

These include:

  • Reduces & prevents wrinkles
  • Stops friction damage to hair and skin
  • Eliminates odor-causing bacteria
  • Includes antioxidant & anti-inflammatory effects
  • Provides a cooling effect
  • Provides firmness & neck support
copper pillow benefits

Reduces & Prevents Wrinkles

Copper pillows are becoming increasingly popular for their anti-aging properties.

It is widely known that copper is essential for collagen synthesis, the key to preventing wrinkles.

Copper pillowcases are made of a silk-like fabric containing microscopic particles of copper oxide.

When you sleep on this pillowcase, the copper oxide particles deliver ions to your skin, which helps with collagen production. This in turn reduces facial wrinkles, lines and skin sagging, thus keeping your skin looking young and healthy.

A 2012 clinical study found that participants who slept on copper pillow cases reported a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles around their eyes after 8 weeks, while the group on regular pillow cases reported no change.

With these amazing skin health benefits, copper pillows are a powerful addition to any skincare routine.

Stops Friction Damage To Hair And Skin

damage to hair

Using a copper-infused pillowcase can help reduce the damage you do to your hair and skin while you sleep.

Standard pillowcases can cause significant damage due to the friction created by tossing and turning.

Hair strands often get caught between the fibers, leading to frizz and split ends.

Copper-infused pillowcases are made from softer materials like polyester or nylon, which reduces the absorption of natural oils from your hair and the tug of your strands.

This helps reduce the damage done to your hair and skin while you sleep, making sure you wake up looking and feeling your best.

Eliminates Odor-Causing Bacteria


The copper pillow is an amazing way to ensure a good night’s sleep.

Its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties make it ideal for keeping your pillowcases and pillows clean, free from odor-causing bacteria and germs.

The copper ions released from the pillow are able to render such microbes ineffective, while killing them upon direct contact.

Studies have even shown that copper can prevent the growth of harmful bacteria in mattresses, with one study finding that a mattress under one year old contains around 3 million bacteria!

Not only that, but copper can also provide beneficial effects to human skin, so you can rest assured that you’ll be sleeping on a hygienic surface.

With copper pillows, you can enjoy a peaceful slumber, knowing that you are sleeping on a clean and bacteria-free surface.

Includes Antioxidant & Anti-Inflammatory Effects

anti inflammatory effects

Copper has long been known for its healing properties and its ability to help with wound recovery, as it helps to speed up the healing process and reduce scarring.

Copper is an essential nutrient in the human body and it is widely used in the medical field to treat scars and other injuries.

It has anti-inflammatory properties that make it ideal for conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, and copper pillowcases could be incredibly beneficial for reducing skin inflammation or speeding up the recovery of acne breakouts.

Copper-infused pillows provide a range of incredible health benefits, from the repair of open wounds, to enhanced recovery from infections, to anti-aging benefits, such as reducing wrinkles and fine lines.

They do this by releasing copper ions directly into the top layers of the skin’s fluids, blocking the release and production of chemicals causing inflammation and pain.

Provides A Cooling Effect

Studies have shown that the thermal environment significantly affects your sleeping patterns and cycle. When the body temperature increases, you’ll find it harder to fall asleep.

Generally, your body temperature will need to decrease by 2-3 degrees Fahrenheit to initiate peaceful sleep and retain deep sleep.

Copper infused fabrics are naturally cooler in nature and don’t retain heat the way regular fabrics tend to do. This is beneficial to anyone who tends to heat up like a radiator whilst sleeping, often leading to excessive sweating, especially in and around the head area.

Sweating during sleep is common, but, when it’s happening regularly to the facial skin, the pores have a tendency to become clogged. This means your skin is dirty more of the time, and is likely to have further problems as a result in future.

A copper pillow will distribute the heat generated from your body evenly, keeping a cool body temperature during the night. The best part is that you can feel the pillow case actually doing what it claims to do.

The temperature difference is tangible, and regular users of a copper case will be able to tell the difference in coolness the minute the case is removed/replaced with a different fabric.

Another great pillow to consider if heat is a concern, is a charcoal pillow – read more here.

Provides Firmness & Neck Support

neck support

A copper-infused pillow will give you the perfect balance of firmness and springiness, so you can sleep soundly with your neck fully supported.

This helps you maintain the proper postural alignment, so you wake up feeling refreshed and pain-free.

It’s a great way to ensure a comfortable sleep and start your day without any aches and pains.

What Is A Copper Pillow?

A copper pillow is a slipcover made of fabric (usually nylon or polyester) embedded with copper oxide particles.

Getting a better understanding of copper in general is the key to understanding why a copper pillowcase might be beneficial.

Copper is one of the nine essential elements that a human body needs to function properly.

Almost all tissue in the body needs a certain amount of copper daily in order to maintain normal physiological processes.

It is important to note that humans are unable to make any new copper of their own, and all new copper has to come from an outside source.

A few years ago, modern scientists began looking at the ever-increasing copper deficiency that was prevalent in both men and women. They found that a significant portion of one person’s daily copper intake was reserved, by the body, for the skin (15% to be exact). This tells us that the outside of the body needs copper just as much as the inside does.

The skincare industry has evolved significantly in recent years with increasing recognition of the visible benefits of copper-enriched topical treatments. Copper peptides are becoming a preferred alternative to retinoids and other potent serums.

Research has shown that the body is capable of absorbing copper from external or internal sources, and readily welcomes copper into the skin (e.g. via copper bracelets).

Copper pillows offer a great way to ensure that you’re receiving the necessary nutrients to promote a healthier, more restful sleep.

Find out more about why a good pillow is so important – read here.

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Does copper help with pain?

Yes, copper has been used for centuries to help manage pain. It has anti-inflammatory properties and is thought to reduce swelling and stiffness, making it a popular choice for those suffering from osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and even headaches. Many studies have also shown that copper can help improve circulation, which can reduce pain and improve overall well being.

Does copper help with circulation?

Yes, copper has long been known to benefit circulation. This is because copper helps increase the production of red blood cells, which carry oxygen and other nutrients throughout the body. Additionally, copper helps reduce inflammation and has antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial properties. All of these benefits can help improve circulation and overall health.

Copper pillow causing headache?

Those with copper allergies may experience symptoms such as headaches or nausea. However, the copper oxide particles found in copper pillowcases are so minute that they are unlikely to cause or worsen headaches. Furthermore, copper pillows have been found to reduce inflammation, improve blood circulation to the brain, and ultimately reduce migraine pain levels.

Are copper pillows safe?

Copper pillows are generally safe, as the copper fabric is antimicrobial and resistant to dust mites, allergens, and mold. However, it is important to purchase pillows that are made with certified materials, as some manufacturers may use lower quality materials that might not offer the same health benefits. Look for copper pillows made of natural materials that are chemical free and environmentally friendly.

Does copper make you sleepy?

No, copper does not have any known sedative or sleep-inducing properties. However, having an elevated body temperature can make it difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep. Copper, a heat conductor, can help to reduce your body temperature, allowing for more restful sleep. A copper pillow’s cooling effect also has a positive impact on your overall comfort levels.

Does copper affect your mood?

Copper plays an essential role in the body, having an impact on energy levels, mood, reproductive system, libido, immunity, and the thyroid and adrenal glands. It has been found to be necessary for up to 40% of energy production in the brain, and also contributes to collagen formation, wound healing and nervous system health. Copper, in conjunction with zinc, is key in a variety of chemical processes that are related to brain health and recovery. As such, copper is an integral part of overall health and well-being.