How Do You Fluff A Bamboo Pillow?

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Ever wondered: “How do you fluff a bamboo pillow?” Perhaps you feel disappointed that your brand new bamboo pillow just arrived looking as flat as a pancake. Or perhaps you’re looking for instructions on how to re-fluff your bamboo pillow.

Here are instructions on how to re-fluff your bamboo pillow.

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Why Is Your Bamboo Pillow Flat And Squashed?

Bamboo pillows have a filling made from shredded memory foam. One of the features of memory foam is that it can be easily compressed.

Often bamboo pillows are shipped tightly rolled, compressed or vacuum-sealed. This results in a flat and squashed appearance when they first arrive. Most pillows should start fluffing on their own once removed from their packaging, but sometimes they might need some extra help to regain their fluffiness.

Also, remember that bamboo pillows tend to flatten out with regular use, which means they must be fluffed to maintain their original shape. (Read more: Why Do Pillows Go Flat?)

What Is The Best Way To Plump And Re-fluff Your Bamboo Pillow?

You can fluff a bamboo pillow by hand. Shake or punch the pillow to break up and redistribute the filling until it regains its shape. Alternatively, fluff your bamboo pillow in the dryer. Put the dryer on a low or no heat cycle with dryer balls for 5 to 10 minutes.

Note that you should only fluff shredded memory foam pillows and not solid memory foam pillows!

how do you fluff a bamboo pillow

Let’s go through the pillow fluffing options in more detail below:

Option 1: Fluffing Your Bamboo Pillow by Hand

Fluffing your bamboo pillow by hand is a quick and easy way to add the required head and neck support back into your pillow. 

Hand fluffing is recommended over dryer fluffing because it’s a faster and easier process. 

Plus you never know if your dryer’s heat setting is low enough not to damage the sensitive memory foam inside your pillow.

Step 1: Shake Your Pillow

Grab your pillow by one end and give it a good shake. 

Flip the pillow over and do this several times. 

The shaking action will break up and separate the shredded memory foam that might be stuck or compressed together in your pillow. 

Step 2: Punch Your Pillow

Next, put your pillow on its side and give it a few punches and karate chops. 

This will help to further aerate and break up the memory foam. 

Continue to do this until you’ve softened all the clumps of foam.

Note that if your pillow is new, then you might notice a funny smell coming from the pillow. Make sure that you air out your pillow in a well-ventilated area before using it.

Here are some more tips on how to get rid of the memory foam smell.

You might also want to consider washing your memory foam pillow.

Step 3: Push & Pull Your Pillow

The last step is to grab both ends of the pillow and vigorously push and pull. 

This will help to further air out the pillow and allow the memory foam shreds to expand and settle. 

The video below shows how to fluff your compressed memory foam pillow:

Step 4: Unzip Your Pillow & Remove Filling (optional)

If your bamboo pillow came with a zip to remove the shredded memory foam, then you have one more option for fluffing your pillow.

Unzip your pillow, then remove the filling and place it inside a bag that is larger than the pillow. For example, you can use a plastic bag that you might usually use for shopping, just make sure that you can close it properly!

Then shake the bag well until the filling has been broken apart. 

Lastly, you can place your hands inside the bag to check and manually break apart any last clumps that are stuck together.

This method is a bit more time consuming and tricky but it gives you better control over the fluffing process.

Your pillow should now be much fluffier and ready to use!

Option 2: Fluffing Your Bamboo Pillow in the Dryer

Note that the memory foam inside bamboo pillows is very sensitive to heat

Memory foam can lose its firmness or crumble when exposed to temperatures that are too high.

For this reason, always consult the instructions that came with your bamboo pillow before throwing it into the dryer.

It is best if your dryer has a zero heat setting, but if not then set it on the lowest heat setting possible. 

Let the pillow toss in the dryer on low heat for 5 to 10 minutes. Remember never to use too much heat as this can ruin your pillow!

To help the shredded memory foam breakup, add three dryer balls (tennis balls will work too.) 

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The movement inside the dryer will help break up the memory foam filling. The balls will also help create air pockets that will make your pillow nice and fluffy. 

If you’d like to add a pleasant scent to your pillow then add a few drops of essential oil onto the washer balls:

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The last step is to remove your pillow from the dryer and continue fluffing by hand. 

Fluff by hand until all the stubborn foam pieces are loose and your pillow feels fluffy and ready to use!

How Long Does It Take for a Bamboo Pillow to Expand?

Your new memory foam pillow can take 30 minutes to several hours to fluff up on its own. To speed up the process, knead, massage, push, pull and punch the pillow to fluff it by hand. This will break up and separate the shredded memory foam that might be stuck or compressed together inside your pillow.

How Often Should You Fluff Your Bamboo Pillow?

You should fluff your bamboo pillow when it no longer provides the head and neck support required when you sleep. If your bamboo pillow feels flat or uncomfortable, it is probably time to fluff your pillow to regain the comfort and support needed for a restful night’s sleep.

How Do You Know When To Replace Your Bamboo Pillow?

On average, you should replace a memory foam pillow every two years. If you can no longer fluff your pillow to provide the necessary head and neck support required for a good night’s sleep then it might be time to replace your bamboo pillow. 

A new pillow will help you to avoid aches and pains in your neck and shoulders.